The Woods - Natural Perfume

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The Woods - Natural Perfume
The Woods - Natural Perfume
The Woods - Natural Perfume

Mystical, hypnotic, earthy, moss, green, grounding, visionary, otherworldly, shamanic "The Woods" natural perfume by Wild Self.

Imbued with the beautiful pure botanical support of Oakmoss, Patchouli, Vetiver, grade A Sandalwood, Sage, basil, Cedar, White Fir.

A best selling botanical perfume capturing the heart of the woods and the forest alike in a bottle.

Wild crafted & matured; this scent evolves on the skin, captured within an elegant glass vial. Packaged by hand with natural silks, linens recycled boxes and biodegradable cotton fillings.

~Honouring the timeless, ancient art of trade.

All Wild Self botanical artisan perfume oils are vegan, completely plant based, 80% organic & 100% natural made only with top quality absolutes, essential oils and botanical ingredients. 

Created, packaged and bottled by hand with upmost love with all natural products, sourced ethically from all over the globe. From me to you.

Care Instructions:

Keep me out of the sun so I age properly as I only grow more divine in essence with time. Avoid contact with eyes, do not ingest, do not use whilst pregnant. Not suitable for use on damaged or torn skin.

These perfume oils are 100% natural, wild crafted, and completely icky free.


Size:  10ml.


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