Nipple Balm

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Nipple Balm
Nipple Balm

New Breastfeeding mummy? Rustic Peppermints rich and soothing balm is perfect for dry, sore and cracked nipples. 100% Natural, baby safe, Vegan and non toxic. 91% Food Grade. Formulated with Organic pure, unrefined Cocoa Butter and Sunflower Oil.

Size: 15g

Directions: Scoop out about a pea-sized amount and rub together in fingers tips first to warm up. Apply to desired area. Apply as often as needed.

Ingredients: ^*Sunflower Oil, ^*Coconut Oil infused with ^*Calendula, ^*Cocoa Butter, ^Olive Oil, Candelilla Wax, Pure ^Lavender and ^Frankincense Essential Oils

*Denotes Certified Organic
^ Denotes Food Grade

Rustic Peppermint use their own infusions and only use Certified Organic Dried Flowers and Coconut Oil.


If Pregnant or Breastfeeding consult your doctor.

Rustic Peppermint products are not TGA approved, they are cosmetic products. Rustic Peppermint products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or other serious medical condition.

Please do your own research before using Natural products to ensure you are buying the correct product for you.

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