Moon Oil

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Moon Oil

A beautiful blend of natural & delicate botanical oils to support and nourish during your menstrual phase from Wild Self Apothecary.

Apply two or three pumps and massage into your body on the lower abdomen and lower back. 

The absolute go to for your moon time.  A body oil made especially for you during your menstrual phase. Ideal for cramps and pains, regulating hormones, relieving discomfort, releasing nervous tension and stress, harmonising the body’s rhythms and cycles and much more. 

You can also use this blend on pain and strained muscles also.  This oil has a divine fragrance you will love. Full of flowers and other beautiful yummy botanical ingredients. 

Bottled within a new Miron Violet glass bottle to preserve the oils within. 

Sweet Almond Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Hemp Oil, Juniper Berry, Bulgarian lavender, Lang ylang, cinnamon, sweet fennel, Clary Sage, Fragonia, Geranium, Rose.

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