Bath Bomb B1 - SLEEP EASY

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Bath Bomb B1 - SLEEP EASY
Bath Bomb B1 - SLEEP EASY
Bath Bomb B1 - SLEEP EASY

Bath Bomb - SLEEP EASY

  • Promotes relaxation to enhance sleep time rituals
  • Produces thick, luxurious bubbles
  • Leaves your skin feeling silky and soft
  • All natural ingredients
  • Wrapped in biodegradable cellophane

Practice self-care with this creamy, luxurious bath bomb, designed by Washpool to help you relax before bedtime.

Old style bath bombs are all fizz and no substance, but these luxurious bath cubes deliver so much more!  Palm oil free, naturally derived ingredients to ensure a deliciously satisfying bath experience.

Place your chosen bomb into a warm bath and breathe in the divine scents and relax in the thick, luxurious bubbles that leave your skin feeling silky and soft. Lie back and enjoy the moisturising, relaxing effect that will help you wind down at the end of a busy day. 
For those who love more detail: Bath Bombs are such a great blend of nature & science. The bicarb of soda and citric acid react with the water to cause the bubbling reaction. Magnesium Sulphate is added, to help get your magnesium levels up, and grapeseed oil for gentle moisturising. The essential oil blend with Lavender & Chamomile has been specifically chosen to promote the state of relaxation to enhance your sleep ritual.

One of the problems with bath bombs up until now is that the super simple all natural ones carry the risk of essential oils floating on top of the bath water, potentially causing sensitivity because of the potential concentration of oils in a small area of the skin. Many bath bombs lack a solubiliser that will disperse the essential oil safely.  Typically, most solubilisers aren't natural or are derived from palm oil, and we've never wanted to use them. However, Washpool has sourced a great natural solubiliser.

Likewise, until recently there have not been many options to create bubbles without sulphates but happily, demand is forcing change and Washpool now deliver on luxurious bubbles in a sulphate free formula.

Wrapped in biodegradable cellophane.

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